LCP Farms Inc . is owned and operated by Peter and Tracy Gubbels. Our farms are located 20 minutes west of London, Ontario. We are proud parents of four daughters, the whole family work on the farm.
This is our thirteenth season growing watermelons. We grow 120 acres of melons. We take great pride in growing the best product we can, we start with soil samples in the spring, from the results we add to the soil the nutrients necessary for a healthy plant. We continue with tissue samples throughout the growing season to ensure the plants are getting the nutrients required for the best tasting melons and also to keep the plants healthy.
We take part in the Canada GAP Program and Costco Addendum. We take great care in keeping our farms and equipment clean and maintained.
We employ up to 40 people in the harvest season, varying in age from students to retirees, twenty-six are Canadian.
We try to support our local economy as much as possible, any products and services that are needed for the melon crop are sought locally first. We continue to seek local suppliers for all input products.
We are looking forward to our next year of growing.
We work in conjunction with the GROWERS to ensure that product is available as required. All the other farmers are also GAP and Costco approved and located in Southwestern Ontario.

You can reach me, Peter Gubbels, at home 519-264-2774, on cell 519-878-7357 or email: